The Following are in the order of the Memorial Board in St Bartholomew’s Church Old Whittington.

We have tried to ensure we have linked the correct information if anyone notes any errors or knowledge of any gaps please let us know.

Any names in BOLD are also on the Memorial Board at St Barnabas Church New Whittington

We have added links to work carried out by local people. Both have brilliantly researched the families and the war records of those named. Links based on the Christian name are linked to the Old Whittington One Place Study and the links based on Surnames are from Remembering the Fallen Heroes of New Whittington WW1

First NameSurnameNo.Served WithDate DiedAgeWhere Remembered
HoraceAaron2050110th B S Foresters14/2/191622Spoilbank Cemetery
HarryAdams144172nd/4th Leicestershire B30/9/1917Mendingham Military Cemetery
John ArthurAndrews36821st/6th B S Foresters23/8/191630Warlincourt Halte, Saulty
JohnAtkinson27231st/5th B York & Lancs Reg29/8/191530Talana is Farm Cemetry
GeorgeBarker183169th B Cameronians 14/7/191620Thievpal Memorial
GeorgeBates183179th B Cameronians3/7/191618Quarry Cemetery Montauban
William ArthurBelfitt4561491 Sq/149 Sq RFC16/12/191524Belgrade Cemetery, Namur
John HenryBelfitt
George HenryBennison 2820617th B S Foresters23/4/1916Aubigny Communal Cemetery
JamesBennison88011st B Lincolnshire Reg17/7/1916Daours Communal Cemetery
ReginaldBenton172432nd B Lancs Fusilliers18/10/191634Grove Town Cemetery, Meaulte
William HenryBestwick 3506Northumb’ld Fusilliers15/9/191629Thievpal Memorial
George (William)Bonson 40792North Staffs Regiment9/2/191720Euston Road Cemetery, Colincamps
Arthur Booth (Chambers)1454810th B S Foresters17/8/1915Perth Cemetery (China Wall) Belge
JosephBoothE/157317th B Royal Fusilliers 27/7/191620Thievpal Memorial
J BBooth
G (Earnest)Booth108211st B S Forresters15/5/191527Old Whittington Churchyard
WilliamBowman1849417th B S Foresters30/7/191741Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial
EBradley28455Royal Army Med Corps27/6/191836Old Whittington Churchyard
WBrazell Deal/14208Royal Marine. Labour C27/2/1919Mazargues War Cemetery
JohnBuntingWR/325704Royal Engineers10/12/191837Old Whittington Churchyard
RobertBunting240881st B Lancs Fusilliers 1/7/1916Thievpal Memorial
Edward HenryBurton179841st B York & Lancs Reg8/5/1915Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial
WalterButt135768th B Royal Fusilliers 30/11/1917Cambrai Memorial, Louverval
ArnoldCallis 2421582nd/6th South Staffs Reg21/3/191820H.A.C. Cemetery, Ecoust-St Mein
AlexanderCarlile 240952nd B Lancs Fusilliers 12/10/1916Cobbles Communal Cemetery
PercyCarlile2853816th B S Foresters8/10/1916Thievpal Memorial
FrankCharnley 418381st/5th B S Foresters29/3/1918Aix-Noulette Communal Cemetery
MatthewClaytonR/9766King’s Royal Rifle Corp22/11/191531Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery
TomClewley 126651st B S Foresters5/7/1916Thievpal Memorial
JohnCollins70291st B S Foresters31/7/1917Menin Rd South Military Cemetery
ErnestCooper10/14483rd Wellington Reg8/8/191526Chunuk Bair Memorial
AmbroseCooke446432nd B York & Lancs Reg8/10/1918Bellicosity Cemetery
VincentCooke1589112th B S Foresters13/8/1916Thievpal Memorial
JamesCraig9705Gordon Highlanders18/6/1915Le Touret Memorial
DavidCresswell2209917th B S Foresters31/7/1917Ypres (Menin Gate)
ArthurCrossdale1895910th B S Foresters31/10/1916Thievpal Memorial
GeorgeCrossdale242182nd B S Wales Borderers11/4/1918Ploegsteert Memorial
Norman Barlow G Crossdill125529th B S Forresters9/8/191521Helles Memorial
JamesCraig97052nd B Gordon Highlanders18/6/1915Le Touret Memorial
Leonard William Davidson268833rd B S Foresters9/2/191922Old Whittington Church Yard
ReginaldDraycott18961st/6th S Foresters11/11/1915Rue-Des-Berceaux Cemetery
NormanDennison2413421st/5th B Duke of Wellington3/9/1916Mill Road Cemetery, Thiepval
BernardDyson2418312nd/6th S Foresters 6/11/191822Berlin South Western Cemetery
KennethEveleigh42260B Coy Leicestershire Reg.19/9/191819Fillers Hill British Cemetery
WalterFearn174671st B East Yorks Reg.1/7/1916Thievpal Memorial
George IsaacFearn884597th Coy Machine Gun Corp31/7/191626Albert Communal Cemetery Ext
CFearn4172191st North Mid Field Amb.17/10/1918Hamburg Cemetery
Amos BriscoeFreeman4577019th B Royal Welch Fus10/4/1918Haverskerque Military Cemetery
JamesFrost496656th B Leicester Reg18/9/191825Thilloy Road Cemetery Beaulencourt
WalterFurness247049th B S Foresters 26/9/191624Thievpal Memorial
William LeslieGaunt198332nd/6th S Foresters28/9/191719Tyne Cot Memorial
HerbertGaunt27734C Coy 2 B E Yorks Reg1/1/191924Horsley (St Clement) Churchyard
ErnestGilberthorpe65048105th Field Co Royal Eng27/5/1918Arras Memorial
Archie HenryGill398866th B Leicestershire Reg23/5/191819Etaples Military Cemetery
AaronGoodwin24118811th B S Foresters12/10/191822Doingt Communal Cemetery Ext
WilliamGower2426310th B S Foresters22/9/1917Duisans British Cemetery, Etrun
H S GreenTR6/5159953rd B S Foresters25/5/191818Whittington Churchyard
John E Green1206810th B S Foresters12/10/1917Tyne Cot Memorial
HaroldGreen103841st B S Foresters9/5/1915Ploegsteert Memorial
John WilliamHallR/1473Nelson B Royal Navy (Vol)30/12/191720Thievpal Memorial
FredHarlePS/1076812th B Royal Fusiliers4/9/191635Caterpillar Valley, Longueval
William BamfordHouston706672nd B S Foresters15/10/191619Thievpal Memorial
EdwinHewkin2023882nd/4th B Yorks & Lancs Reg3/5/191725Arras Memorial
ArthurHeeley3949122nd B Royal Field Artillery 6/11/191528Swanage (Northbrook) Cemetery
Charles GordonHemstock15804Coldstream Guards15/9/191624Thiepval Memorial
AlbertHewitt2118112th B S Foresters10/8/1916Thievpal Memorial
ClarenceHewitt1626711th B S Foresters1/7/1916Thievpal Memorial
HarryHigginbottom586206th B Leicestershire Reg26/9/1918Vis-En-Artois Memorial
John Ernest Holroyd6167515th/17th B West Yorks Reg26/8/191819Meteren Military Cemetery
ThomasHubbard1184591st/6th S Foresters31/10/1918Premonition British Cemetery
J Hullett
WHusbandNorthumberland Fusiliers 25/6/191828Whittington Churchyard
William EwartJacklin21685th B Lancaster Reg11/7/191524Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial
GeorgeKirk1517010th B S Foresters14/2/1916Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial
John JamesKirk225059th B S Foresters9/8/1915Helles Memorial Turkey
Wilfred CecilKirk13/55513th B York & Lancs Reg31/7/191623Abbeville Community Cemetery
LKnowles12/4312th B East Yorks Reg13/11/1916Euston Road Cemetery Colincamps
Joseph Kynaston7317146th Bde Royal Field Artillery25/9/191520White House C, St Jean-Les-Ypres
WilliamLeachman115338th B East Yorks Reg14/7/191620Quarry Cemetery Montauban
John PatrickLeeson223981st B S Foresters31/7/1917Birr Cross Roads Cemetery
Charles Leggitt26884616th B S Foresters5/11/1917Tyne Cot Memorial
Harry AlfredLetts2045129th B S Foresters8/12/191738Noeux=Les Mines Communal C
CharlesLievesley2408106th B S Foresters3/10/1918Vis-En-Artois Memorial
Horace Lewis2422779th B Highland Light Inf26/9/191719Tyne Cot Memorial
FredLilliman181149th B Cameronians3/7/191627Corbie Community Cemetery Ext
HarryLilliman178449th B Cameronians14/7/1916Thiepval Memorial
William HenryLockett16th B Durham Light Inf7/10/191626Thievpal Memorial
James ClementLongden194331st B Northamptonshire Reg4/6/191619Marco British C Grenay
John WilliamLongmate1895110th B S Foresters14/2/191619Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial
ChristopherLoomes2034821st/5th S Foresters25/9/1918Brie British Cemetery
BertramLove2414046th B S Foresters3/10/1918Vis-En-Artois Memorial
George SMartin128989th B S Foresters4/10/1917Tyne Cot Memorial
(George)ThomasMason127082nd B S Foresters15/6/1917Philosopher British C Mazingarbe
Frederrick CMassey137517th B Leicestershire Reg 14/7/191632Thiepval Memorial
FrancisMaskrey125909th B S Foresters9/8/1915Helles Memorial
JohnMcGee5015011th B Essex Reg12/10/1918Vaux-Andigny Cemetery
JMcDougallZ/2029Collingwood B Royal Navy Res4/6/1915Helles Memorial
George HenryMears91929th B S Foresters26/9/1916Regina Trench C, Grandcourt
BernardMillington2414211st/6th S Foresters10/3/1917Foncquevillers Military Cemetery
HarryMillband1514310th B S Foresters14/2/191621Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial
FredMitchell198298Railway Div Royal Eng30/5/191833Longuenesse (St Omer)
Arthur JamesMitchell95802nd B S Foresters20/10/191431Ploegstreert Memorial Belguim
William PercyMorley20364210th B S Foresters12/8/1918Fouquieres Churchyard Ext
Frederick WilliamMusgrove3/1692nd B Kings Own Yorks31/10/191429Le Touret Memorial
WalterMusgrove13801st B Australian Inf Brigade22-25/7/1916Gordon Dump C Ovillers-La-Boisselle
WilliamNeedham1492810th B S Foresters9/8/1916Thiepval Memorial
ArthurNewell141039th B Leicestershire Reg14/7/1916Thiepval Memorial
JohnNewey2677568th B Northumberland Fus17/8/191734Brandhoek New Military C
JosephNorton284322nd B Cheshire Reg3/10/1915Loos Memorial
JNurse218519th B S Foresters25/7/1917Vlamertinghe New Military C
ThomasO’BrienS/912811th B Rifle Brigade27/2/1916Essex Farm Cemetery
StanleyPardyM2/081485605th M T Coy8/1/191638Hollybrook Memorial Southampton
WalterParkin176811st B East Yorks Reg2/7/1916Puchevillers British Cemetery
Thomas W SPendleton1882112th B S Foresters10/8/191724Ypres (Menin Gate)
Arthur CorneliusPerks
Herbert WilliamPollendine110552nd B S Foresters27/9/1916St Sever Cemetery, Rouen
George EdwardPratt14876th B S Foresters14/7/191626Bellacourt Military C, Riviere
Walter HenryReynolds3/97849th Suffolk Reg16/9/1916Guillemont Road Cemetery
SethRich179406th/7th B Royal Scots Fus23/4/1917Arras Memorial
Thomas Henry Roberts152089th B Kings Own Yorks L Inf28/1/1916Cite Bonjean Military C Armentieres
VictorRoberts477092nd/4th Kings Own Yorks L Inf25/6/191820Bienvillers Military Cemetery
FredRobinson2677417th & 9th B S Foresters22/11/191624Connaught Cemetery, Thievpal
NormanRose1621611th B S Foresters5/7/191621Puchevillers British Cemetery
Abraham L (W)Savage26511st/6th B S Foresters17/1/1916Mazargues War Memorial
FrederickSharman2021927th B South Staffs Reg20/9/191820Vis-En-Artois Memorial
James WShawcroft1189493rd B S Foresters8/8/191819Whittington Churchyard
AShemwell2423172nd/6th B S Foresters29/9/1917Tyne Cot Cemetery
JohnShort1496310th B S Foresters8/8/1916Thievpal Memorial
BenSiddall2678016th B S Foresters27/5/1920Old Whittington Churchyard
Harry Ernest (G)SkevingtonS/202012th B Rifle Brigade25/9/191523Augers Ridge British Cemetery
JohnSmedley221959th B S Foresters13/5/191618Alexandria (Hadra) Cemetery
JohnSmithR/945Drake B Royal Navy Vol4/9/191820Queant Road Cemetery Buissy
JohnSmitheman214592nd B S Foresters8/3/191626Etaples Military Cemetery
HarryStraw42356th B S Foresters21/5/1916Doullens Communal C Ext 1
GeorgeStraw11652710th B S Foresters18/9/1918Villers Hill British Cemetery
John Edward (A)Straw241977Cameronians12/12/191842Whittington Churchyard
Dennis RedfernStuart20246Kings Own Yorks L Inf25/9/1916Thievpal Memorial
HarryTart38442nd B S Foresters3/11/191630St Sever Cemetery Ext, Rouen
Harry Taylor2417192nd/6th B S Foresters26/9/191722New Irish Farm Cemetery
FredTaylor2615516th B S Foresters2/4/191619 Cambrin Churchyard Ext
GeorgeThorne3073942nd/8th B S Foresters8/6/191719Metz-En-Couture Communal C
JosephThurman414481st B Norfolk Reg28/6/191819Tannay British Cemetery Thiennes
William JamesThurman1518410th B S Foresters14/2/191621Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial
William HenryTolley2029161st/5th West Yorks 3/4/191827Menin Road South Military C
Jonathan (Jack)Vaughan191878th B Northumberland Fus16/8/191730New Irish Farm Cemetery
SamWain2615317th B Royal Welsh Fus2/7/1918Bagneux British C Gezaincourt
FredrickWalker36701(Shrops & Cheshire Yeo)18/9/191821Templeux-Le-Guerard British C
John Thomas Warrick137297th B Leicestershire Reg25/7/1916St Sever Cemetery Rouen
ArthurWarren24136511th B S Foresters29/6/191830Barenthal Military Cemetery
HenryWarren112412nd/5th B Lincs Reg21/3/1918Arras Memorial
WilliamWarren166892nd B Leicestershire Reg10/3/1916Basra Memorial
JackWardle5543021st (Tyneside Scot) B Northumb18/10/1917Tyne Cot Memorial
ErnestWatts120862nd B S Foresters29/7/191522Whittington Churchyard
ArthurWedgewood158941st B Royal Scots Fus25/9/191517Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial
FrankWheelhouse16891st/6th B S Foresters15/8/1915Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial
Harry EarnestWhitbread47708Welsh Regiment3/9/1918Dury Crucifix Cemetery
Frederick ArthurWhithorn
WilliamWhitmorePO/8115Royal Navy Fleet Res23/7/191842Padstow Cemetery
HerbertWiddowson199901st B S Foresters5/10/191632Vermelles British Cemetery
B L Wilson
WilliamWood1346913th B S Foresters23/191528Lostwithiel (St Bartholomew)
Thomas WilliamYates2002661st/4th Oxford & Bucks L Inf19/4/191728Thievpal Memorial
HarryYoungAnson B Royal Navy Vol10/11/191824Valenciennes (St Roch)