Below is a listing of all artwork we have been able to find accredited to Joseph Syddall. See below for acknowledgements.

S = Stored at Chesterfield Museum and Art Gallery

X = Artwork of Joseph Syddall you can view online. (Click on the heading)

Ex = Evidence of Joseph’s art exhibited at the Royal Academy

ArtworkCfldArtukWikiooB MusV WebbColgrave
Portrait of an unknown man (poss Wallace Dyson)x
Lady painting a porcelain figuresx
The Pianistsx
Pecheur de nuitsx
The Orchardsxx
Impressionist Viewsxx
Sailor in a boat at seasxx
The Headlandsxx
Two Studiessx
Autumn Sunsxx
The Great Treesxx
From the Studio windowsxx
Close Cropxx
The Fisherman at nightx
Beach dayssxx
Rosary Cannes Francesx
The Ebbsxx
Portrait Studyxx
The Ploughsxx
The Rider (Poss a Deacon)sxx
Hasland Housesxx
The Shop Windowsxx
The Tennis Partysxx
Miss Deakins (should be Deacon)sxx
The Horsewoman (one of Deacon sisters)s
Miss Dorothy Deaconsx
The Ascentsxx
Edge of the Copsesxx
The Landscapex
Portrait of woman with bobbed hair wearing shirt and tie (Pastel)sx
Dronfield Derbyshiresx
Self Portraitx
Drawing of an Old Manx
Impromptu (violin)sx
Holme Lock on Trent
Woman sketching (Annea?)x
Self sketching ?x
Study in lead pencilx
Playing a guitarx
Reading the newsx
Girl with Bobbed Hairx
Three girlsx
Drawing of a field with treesx
Drawing of a young girlx
Pavlova dancingxx
The Palacex
Stepped street with figuresxx
A girl in a deck chair
Free roamers
Mrs Eric ByronEx
Miss A E SpongEx
Portrait of a gentleman
Studies of musiciansX
Grey Horse grazings
Portrait of Mrs Wiles (Neice)s
Sketch of ladys
Sketch of violinist with cellist in backgrounds
Sketch of three violinists with cellist in backgrounds
Sketch of lady playing the pianos
Sketch of man’s head in pofiles
Sketch of orchestral concerts
Sketch of people seated outside, balloon seller on rights
Scribbled sketchy lines on front and backs
Sketch of pianist and singers
Some scribble and a sketchy outlines
Sketch of a conductor with orchestra in concert halls
Sketch of girls heads
Sketch of theatre audience and stages
Sketch of theatre with audiences
Pencil sketch of stone architectural reliefs
Seven studies of womens
Autumn landscape of flat meadow with tree in distances
Pen and ink sketch of music stands
Pencil sketch of helmsman wearing caps
Pencil sketches of two dancers each standing on one leg s
Sketch of design of Old Whittington war memorials
Tiny pen and ink sketchs
Sketch of four ladies, seateds
Study of nude man holding boxs
Portrait of a clergymans
Study of a group of four peoples
Study of a dancer in Grecian costumes
Study of a woman wearing medieval costumes
Study of a boy wearing a hats
Study of a stag on outcrops
Portrait of a dark haired womans
The Broads landscape of river estuarys
Middle Lodge, sketch of a houses
Robin Hood’s Bay Landscapes
1916 Night scene with single figure, lights in distances
Landscape, showing two large rockss
Sketch of horse in fields
Landscape of rocky sea shore and headlands
Sketch of haymakers with horse and wains
Sketch of treess
The Model Friday Night Feb 8th 1889s
Lady, portrait with fans
Dairyman Dicks
Reclining Figure, lady in armchairs
Rev. Gwilym Evans of Elder Yard Chapels
Three self portraitss
Lady in armchairs
Busy fingers, elderly lady seated with her crochets
The Herkomer School, front entrances
The Hermoker School, tennis courtss
Lady seated wearing a wide brimmed hats
Lady seated, long dresss
Head of a terriers
Young girl in a pinafore dresss
Lady side on in chair with boaters
Young girl playing pianos
Piano recital and heads of audiences
Oil lamp with twigss
Gentleman painting at the Herkomer Schools
Sketching, lady with blue hats
Sketch of heads
Scene at theatres
Sketch of barns
Two scenes in parks
Portrait of a young mans
Three studies of handss
Head of a womans
Man readings
Rev. Gwilym Evans of Elder Yard Chapels
Portrait of a womans
Portrait of a man wearing top hat, and smoking cigars
Portrait of an old woman wearing bonnets
Portrait of young woman wearing hats
Portrait of a nurses
Portrait of a man with a moustaches
Portrait of a man workings
Studies of musicianss
Pencil sketches of people at the theatres
Studies of peoples
Five studies of horsess
Three studies of mens
Four studies of musicians St Andrew’s Day Albert Halls
Five studies of musicians, Albert Hall No 5095 St Andrews Days
Two studies of Dintons
Study of four girls, hands behind backss
Study of people seateds
Garden Party 1915 Chilsen Chelsea, sketchs
Study of women with head in handss
Study of girl with dogs
Study of figure twistings
Study of head and figures – outline sketchs
Study of horses
Study of woman excercisings
Study of woman with tennis rackets
Study of two women in Grecian costumes
Study of woman – outline sketchs
Study of man – back views
Study of horsess
Study of female nude, carrying a spears
Study of a female nudes
Study of woman in ‘grecian’ costume with hunting dogss
Study of woman in Grecian costume drawing bows
Study of a cats
Study of pony and trap with three mens
Landscape of trees, field and woods
Study of seated womans
Study of woman on a swing, readings
Study of woman and girl seated outdoorss
Study of woman, seated wearing hat and scarfs
Study of man in profiles
Sketching scene of girl sketching on seashores
Portrait sketch of middle aged mans
Portrait sketch middle aged womans
The Pathway, woodland scene with artist sketchings
Study of goatss
Sketch of girl reclining, asleeps
Study of goat and head of goats
Study of singer and pianists
Four studies of female nudess
Four studies of female nudes, one dated November 30ths
Three studies of male nudess
Three studies of male nudess
Five studies of male nudess
Two studies of male nudes, February 15th ‘89s
Three studies boy nudess
Two studies of male nudess
Three studies of male nudess
Three studies of male nudess
5 studies of male nudess
Portrait of a young man, in profiles
Portrait of a young mans
Portrait of a woman, in profiles
Sketch of two women sewing and man reading – December 25th ‘11s
Sketch of landscape with trees, wall and stiles
Landscape with trees and hedges
Landscape with leafless treess
Sketch of man and woman with luggage in pony and traps
Stevenson Lily Pettigrew, study of female nudes
Two studies of artist and womans
Portrait study, head of a woman with dark hair (oil painting)s
One of two studies Head of man with brown wavy hair facing left (oil painting)S
Carving of a lady golfer in woods
Carving of a girl leap frogging in woods

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